Central to our café's is the commitment to quality coffee and tea.

Coffee & Tea

Our coffee is roasted exclusively for us by local Pallet Coffee Roasters. Our 99 Espresso and Cornerstone House Coffee feature sweet caramel notes with subtle berries and a smooth chocolatey finish.

Sourced exclusively from New York and featuring unique blends, our quality organic loose leaf are also highlighted in our Divano signature fogs.

Baked Goods & Food

From the beginning we have always baked from scratch every morning at each café and that remains the true to this day. The smell of fresh baked muffins & scones will be wafting out the doors in the early morning hours. Always fresh, never day old our signature muffins & scones are chock full of goodness.

Our philosophy on food is that if you cannot pronounce it we won’t use it. We are big believers in keeping things simple, we use only real ingredients, no additives or artificial flavours. You’ll find a robust selection of paninis, salads and quiche to satisfy either your breakfast or lunch craving. We do our utmost to provide a broad menu with both vegetarian and vegan options.